What are the media formats?

The still graphics are .JPEG files and the video/motion files are .MOV or .MPEG.

Which file should I use?

.MOV is a higher quality format. So you should try to use that first.

If you are on a Mac then you should always use the .MOV files.

Many of the newer PC's can also run the .MOV files, but if your PC is a bit older, slower or has problems running the .MOV then the .MPEG should work for you.

What are the Source File Formats?

The still graphics are designed in Photoshop. The video graphics are Motion 5 (for Mac only).

Why do you use Motion 5 and not After Effects?

Motion 5 is an easier to use program than After Effects. We wanted our customers to be able to easily edit the video source files and with limited knowledge Motion 5 is easier. Additionally Motion 5 is only $50. Therefor, if you have a Mac, Motion 5 is much more affordable. Lastly we plan on releasing Final Cut generators as part of the media package for those that use Final Cut for editing.

What if I do not have Photoshop or Motion 5?

No worries. Just do not download the source files. We provide blanks for all the still graphics and the fonts we have used in the design, so you can make customization through your presenter software. (ie Power Point / Keynote)

Why do the products download as a .ZIP file? / How do I open a .ZIP file?

.ZIP is a method of compressing a file in order to make downloading the file much easier. To open the zip folder on a Mac simply double click on the zip file and it will extract the media file enclosed. On a PC right click and press 'Extract' on a PC.

How should I manage the media I download?

We suggest you organize the media you download on your computer. Create a folder for Still Graphics, Countdowns, Worship BG, etc, etc and when you download one of those files store them in the correct location. If you run low on memory in your computer you can always delete the files and re-download them when you need them as long as your membership is still active.

Can I burn this media onto a DVD/CD?

All of our media is copyrighted and protected under our Terms of Service and Licensing agreement. With that said, as long as you do not violate the TOS and License you can burn the media onto a DVD and use it for your church.


Why can't I access all the media?

First of all, make sure you are logged in.

Secondly, We have different membership levels. Full Membership Allows you access to all media, including source files. Stills Only Membership allows access to only still graphics. Motion Only Membership allows access to only motion files. Trial Membership (Free) allows access only to a few media files on the free download page.  Please check your membership level by clicking 'Membership Info' on the members page.

If you do not have access to the correct membership level you can always upgrade.

Can you (ReachedMedia) customize graphics for my church?

Unfortunately at this time we cannot customize graphics for churches. This is an option we plan on having available in the future though. We do take every effort to make customization as easy as possible for you.


How do you process payments?

We process payments on our website and accept all major credit cards. You can also complete the purchase using PayPal.

What credit cards can I use?

You can use all major credit cards.

Can I order with Check/MoneyOrder?

Yes you can. If you want to order by Check or Money Order please click here.

How quickly can I download the media after I sign up?

Immediately. A username and password will be emailed to you. You can then login and start downloading to your hearts content!

Can I get a refund?

We are not able to offer refunds. Due to the nature of our business you could get a membership for 1 day, download every bit of media on the site, then request a refund. You can clearly see every single graphic and media before you make any purchase. You know exactly what you are getting.